My Professional Philosophy


My Role as the Program Director

 It is my philosophy that children learn best when activities are child-led in a safe, healthy, supportive and caring environment. Children should be shown respect and children should be appropriately challenged. Playtime is essential for children to learn and grow and I believe teachers should allow opportunities for the child to decide the type of meaningful play they want to do while the teacher should be there as a guide. Meaningful play is meant to encourage creativity, help with problem solving and making discoveries, and allow individual growth and positive self-image. When a child makes new discoveries, the teacher should acknowledge this so that the children are encouraged to explore their new discoveries. My hope is for each child to have the desire to learn. 


My Curricular Orientation

My curricular orientation is child-led. I believe in including curriculum that covers academics as well as the arts. All learning should be fun for children and by having the curriculum child-led it can help the child stay engaged and want to learn. My role as a program director is to help guide teachers to help guide  children to learn. Children naturally want to learn new things and my job is to help them continue that desire to learn all through childhood. Curriculum that will be included in our program will be based on the children’s interests. New materials should be learned based on the child’s prior knowledge. 


Learning Styles, Special Needs and Cultural Diversity

In order to fully understand the children in the classroom I must understand their culture and family structure. I recognize that the parents are the child’s first teacher and I believe it is very important to include the family whenever possible. Children learn best when their parents are involved in the program. It is important that our program is the bridge between the parents and the community.

I recognize that there are different learning styles children possess as well as cultural diversity and children with special needs. I believe in inclusive classrooms that makes sure that all children grow together as peers. Typical children will gain a knowledge of acceptance of those that are different from them in their classroom environment that will help build good values and become a more empathetic adult.

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